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Crystal Glue Tile (1 tile)

Crystal Glue Tile (1 tile)

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The crystal glue tile for eyelash extensions is the way to dispense adhesive during your lash sets. By only using one drop at a time, you are saving money but not wasting adhesive. You are also ensuring that only the freshest drop is used at a time during your lash sets, which will improve your lash retention.


  1. Place a drop of glue in the tile
  2. Dip lashes and apply to client’s natural lashes making sure the adhesive never touches the eyelid or skin
  3. Add new glue drop every 20 minutes for best retention


  1. Soak crystal glue tile in acetone for 15-60 mins
  2. Remove from acetone and rinse thoroughly with water.
  3. Soak in barbicide or salon grade disinfectant for recommended time (according to those instructions)
  4. Rinse and re-use!
  5. **Note:leaving the tile in acetone longer than 1-2 hours can cause color fading when purchasing a pink tile
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