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Longer Lengths Mix Trays

Longer Lengths Mix Trays

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Introducing our Longer Lengths Mix Trays – Perfect for Stunning Volume Lashes!

  • Length Variety: These trays feature lengths ranging from 16mm to 20mm, ensuring versatility in your lash sets.

  • Curl Options: Available in curls C, CC, and D, catering to diverse client preferences and styling needs.

  • Ideal Thickness: Crafted with 0.05 thickness, our lashes are lightweight yet sturdy, perfect for creating spikes or mega volume fans with ease.

  • Thoughtful Mix: Each tray contains a mix of lengths:

    • 4 rows of 16mm
    • 3 rows of 17mm
    • 3 rows of 18mm
    • 3 rows of 19mm
    • 3 rows of 20mm
  • Convenient Labeling: All lash strips are labeled with curl type and length for easy identification.

  • Hassle-free Application: Easy-to-remove foil backing ensures a mess-free experience.

  • Quick Shipping: Order lashes online and enjoy same-day shipping for added convenience.

  • Professional Quality: Our lashes are designed to resist bending or creasing, ensuring flawless results every time.

  • Comprehensive Support: Benefit from clean and professional packaging, along with customer support and training available on our website and Instagram.

Our Longer Lengths Mix Trays are meticulously crafted with the lash artist in mind, providing the tools you need for beautiful results with every application. Elevate your lash game today!

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