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Mariah Lash Mirror

Mariah Lash Mirror

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Introducing the Mariah Lash Mirror: Your Ultimate Lash Inspection Tool!

This sleek and sexy lash mirror is the perfect addition to your lash kit.

Designed to help you check your clients' lashes before they open their eyes, the Mariah Lash Mirror allows you to:

  • Ensure there are no stuck lashes.
  • Get a clear view of what the lashes will look like when your client opens their eyes.

Named after the iconic Mariah, this one-of-a-kind mirror exudes elegance and sophistication.

Available in both matte black and rose gold finishes, the Mariah Lash Mirror is a must-have tool for every lash artist.

Enhance your lash services and elevate your professionalism with the Mariah Lash Mirror!

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