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Simply Clean Adhesive Wipes

Simply Clean Adhesive Wipes

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Extend the Lifespan of Your Adhesive with Non-Woven, Lint-Free Wipes!

Keep your adhesive nozzle clean and maximize its longevity during your lash sets with our premium non-woven, lint-free wipes.

  • Efficient Cleaning: These wipes are specially designed to effectively clean adhesive nozzles, ensuring optimal performance throughout your lash application process.

  • Safe and Compatible: Safe to use with cyanoacrylate-based adhesives, these wipes offer gentle yet thorough cleaning, preventing clogs and buildup for seamless lash application.

  • Ample Supply: Each box contains 200 wipes, providing you with a generous supply to last through multiple lash sets and fills.

Upgrade your lash kit with our non-woven, lint-free wipes and maintain the cleanliness and efficiency of your adhesive for flawless lash applications every time!

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